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Dr. Stacy D. Hunter

I'm Stacy Hunter and I'm from Charleston, South Carolina, but living in central Texas where I'm an Assistant Professor at a local university. I'm a scientist with a professional background in lifestyle interventions, clinical trials, freelance writing, and personal training. I have a doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology which means that I study how the body responds during exercise and as a result of regular exercise training over time. The main focus of my research is cardiovascular disease risk prevention and my studies have focused on yoga and blood vessel health for the past last 12 years. I've published numerous studies on the beneficial effects of yoga on blood vessel health and heart disease risk factors and presented these findings at research conferences and to yoga practitioners and instructors at studios, yoga retreats, and one yoga teacher training both in the U.S. and abroad. My research has been featured in Forbes, Time, Reuters, Black Health Matters, Refinery29U.S. News & World Report, and many other media outlets. I'm passionate about taking technical information and making it easy to understand and palatable for people from various backgrounds, especially those with no background in the sciences. Yoga and All Things Fitness will provide science-based information pertinent to the practice of yoga and other health modalities at times debunking myths about health and fitness disseminated to the masses. Everything shared here will be backed by scientific data. My hope is that the information presented here will meet the needs of all women no matter what your goals are, especially black women who are often left out of the discussion around health and fitness. 


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